Gotta love a Dane (by way of CTM) first thing in the morninggg


OK – so, inbox loving happened, and it happened well. INTRO: CTM a femme of genuine sass from the Nordic regions of our planet. With the latest/ possible only track Jewel to get around – there are two ways I recommend doing so.

  1. You hit play (on the video below) and navigate away (so you aren’t watching) it’s kind of the most vivid sensory experience. I mean, doesn’t this just feel like the 80’s in some dramatic European landscape. Can’t you just see some femme of 80’s glamour being chased by some man of 80’s bad boy’ness on a scooter around idealic Euro styled streets. Washed frames, fabulous bouncy and perfect bobs (not a spelling mistake – we are talking hair), business type pencil skirts, soft make up. Le sigh.
  2. You hit play (again) and watch the actual clip; it’s athleticism at it’s finest. With humans bending to points that make my face squirm, bodies so elite they generally make me jealous enough to commit to a diet of broccoli for the rest of my life. The most intriguing part for me – is femme dazzled throughout with the high blond ponytail. I don’t know why; I think maybe it’s because I feel like I’m having total voyeuristic moments, and she is the target. (SIDE NOTE: think femme with the pony tail is our main squeeze Cæcilie Trier – who heads up CTM entirely. Could be wrong, could also be very right)

Advice? Get around CTM, girlfriend is a total mystery with barely a sub-page on a website and not a Facebook presence in sight –  but she’s of the Scandi flava-flav. And God knows I love a good bit of Nordic in my region.

That could potentially read quite offense-like.

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