Bus Etiquette


I’m starting to doubt the public transport system. Every day I get on the bus – and some young hip arsehole enters through the back door, where others are trying to get off.Now this wouldn’t be much of a problem, but I’m a rule follower – I can’t even help it. My mother scared the shit out of me as a kid, forcing me to obey those with authority – it’s not that I think a bus driver should be able to yell at me in general, and I actually don’t think he holds a position with an infinite amount of power. However – the bus is his domain, so take control.

Kids shouldn’t be getting on through the back door when Im trying to exit the bus – and the same goes for the front door, people shouldn’t be leaving out of that when I’m trying to enter.. There is a natural flow to these things; so follow the damn rules! Having said that – a Barista’s domain is their coffee machine, but I wish they would back the fuck off and let me tell them how to do their job.

Anyway – that all being covered, the other day I got on a bus, paid my money – waited to be given my ticket. And I thought the bus driver looked suggestively at the tickets – meaning that I should just take one, I dont know why I would assume such a thing, but thats how it rolled out for me. So anyway – I went to take a ticket – and got smacked. By the bus driver. Smacked and “no!” – seriously? A few things pissed me off about this:

  1. I apologized to him – what?
  2. I felt like a criminal
  3. I felt like a criminal – and I had already paid my money for the ticket, I mean – its not like we were exchanging at the same time – and I hadn’t quite given my cash yet – the machine had excepted it and I was waiting for my ticket..
  4. I was smacked.

Since that incident – I have been catching taxis. Livin’ the dream, I know. Consequently I’m about $90 poorer this week. Sucks.


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