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Nordic by Nature

Say hallo to our little friends, Nina and Steffi – the femmes who make the double act that is Nordic by Nature. With hands in all sorts of pies these doves are two that rarely sit still. Focusing themselves on all the music from the Scandinavian regions and single handedly bringing to the Germans, they’ve managed to carve a pretty good looking niche out for themselves… Babe’n.

When they aren’t telling you wassssup in and around nouveau vikings musical habitats – they’re in Berlin riding their bikes, drinking wine with fizzy water, and listening to Gloria Estefan.

To recap – Nordic by NatureüberlinPonyDanceClydeno fear of pop and myself are all DJ’ing a party where Sandra Kolstad will play for FluxFM. The music theme (after old mate Sandra rouses you with her performing abilities)? Late 90’s early 00’s. Get on that bandwagon. It will get weird, and so-so wonderful. More info on the event can be found over on the Facebook event page.

Over the next 2 weeks you will meet all participating “DJs” on the blog. This is the first instalment in this series of Crew Love is True Love.

Who are you?
Nordic by Nature

Favourite track from the 90’s?
Sylver – Turn the Tide

Favourite blog on the internet? (it can be mine, of course.)
Lucy vs. The Globe (appreciate that mate – Lucy)

If you were a movie from the 90’s who would you be?
Basic Instinct

Favourite gif of all time?
Nordic by Natures favourite gif

If you were a moment in history – what would you be?
The fall of the Berlin wall

If you could only take one item of clothing from the 90’s with you into the future, what would it be? 
Palladium shoes

When I say Salt n’ Pepa – you think?

You’re a HARIBO flavour – which one are you?
The red one

Ryan Gosling is all “Hey Girl” at you, what’s your response (verbal or otherwise)?
Hej Ryan! (And then probably run away)



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