COVER: Kim and Jessie (M83) – Tokyo Police Club


It’s funny, I was thinking about this song today. Like today, today. Not like a few days ago, and then it gets redone – but TODAY, and then I find this. Isn’t that a bit spooky.. I mean, maybe it’s not – but I sort of feel like it is.

This was my all time fav M83 song, like repeat repeat repeat. I sort of started out not liking this version by Tokyo Police Club, but to be frank – within the first min and a half, I’m kind of drooling all over it.

Story is they are doing all sorts of covers, and then releasing on iTunes. Something about 10 Songs, 10 Hours, 10 Years project – cool? Sure.

Maybe you don’t think it’s great, and that’s ok >>> we don’t always have to get along.


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