Count Counsellor/ the Counsellor for the win.


I’ll tell you what’s cool wake up with? Smooth, RnB’esque, piano laced Soundcloud finds, and that’s exactly what Warm Bullet from Count Counsellor/ the Counsellor is. Not that I actually found this one, as it was forwarded through from my mate Violo – but I will still partially claim it.

Yes at around 3:15 it does give off a bit of an inspirational flavour. You know, like in R.Kelly music videos, when he squeezes his hands into fist and rhythmically pumps them into the air, while shutting his eyes and singing…in an all white suit? Yeah – there are those moments. But these are fucking great. These are the moments in music that inspire you to get something done – anything – you are inspired, you will conquer the world…GO.

I literally have no info about old mate. I can’t find a Facebook page, I can find a Soundcloud and website – containing the two songs which are also on Soundcloud with the promise of more to come and this is it. Actually it’s all a bit confusing really, is this acts name Count Cousellor (Soundcloud) OR the Counsellor (website)? Do we care, probably not. The internet suggest this is coming to us by way of London/ Adelaide – which is cool, because….



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