Things you need to listen out for, and then remember I said this, when they are cool.


Just one today – I mean I don’t normally do this – I dont predict what is ‘cool’, I just happen to like things, and sometimes they become cool – sometimes no – but I dont predict. This, I am predicting. I posted a few weeks back on Moon Holiday – I think I actually thought the name was Capsular, and the songs name was Moon Holiday.. My bad.

This is so fabulously beautiful, with a little Australian lilt. echoey beats etc. From the little info I can find on the group – the singers name is Alex Ward, from Sydney Australia, spent a lot of her childhood in China – and attributes some of her sound to that life.

It’s fabulous, like pretty fucking fabulous. Like if this could just be played for the majority of my day, I would let it. Calming, soothing, wonderful’ness. EP was just release on iTunes – pick it up here

Don’t stop Moon Holiday, you complete me.


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