Confessions: of a Blogger

  • I hate calling myself a Blogger, it makes me feel like I should feel important, with ideas – and views – and a purpose. When in actual fact, my purpose is TBD
  • I hate saying “oh I’ve just been blogging” Had a discussion on this the other night – only arseholes say that. Those are the same sort of arseholes who are addicted to WoW but refuse to believe they have a problem. That shit is not real – let go.
  • I dislike documenting my life on this thing from home – my computer is a piece of shit, and it just can’t handle it. Let alone the fact it has a small screen and the track pad has spazzed to the point where if I even look in it’s direction, the page scrolls.
  • I like updating during my day when at work, for a few reasons: I eat my lunch at my desk, this is not a break. By updating from work – which usually takes all of 5 mins – I find it gives me a rest from my mundane existence at the office – which is totally necessary, or else I may in fact staple my coworkers hands to the whiteboard (co-workers, if reading this, appreciate this blog more than you previously did)

Questions that arise from this:

  1. Am I more of a hipster because I refuse to conform to society and buy a mac book?
  2. Am I less of a hipster because I’m not one of those arseholes (hipsters) in a cafe with a macbook – blogging?
  3. What computer does a hipster use? I feel like Mac’s go against all that is good and holy in hipster’ville – but they all seem to use one while sporting an outfit that probably cost them no more than $15
  4. When did this stop being Confessions: of a Blogger – and become Inner Workings: of a Hipster..?
  5. Do I have anger issues?

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