Cold War Kids – swooning all over my desk.


So – one of the things I love about Soundcloud is that I can favorite shit, and then I just hit play on my fav list in the morning – and I’m all serenaded by the telephonic device. It’s sort of tragic really, sometimes I just find myself sitting on my bed, listening – completely ready for work, helmet on my head, basket at my feet, bike in the hallway.. And I just sit – and listen. Wistfully looking off into the distance (the distance being through my house-mates window, I don’t have much of a view – no offense Kelly)

Anyway – this morning I just hit play on the recently added list, and this number came on – and I swooned, ALL OVER MY BEDROOM. I fucking love Cold War Kids – and I always love a good remix (remixed by Passion Pit). So this made me so happy on a Monday – one of my least favorite days of the week.

Have a listen – swoon for Cold War Kids – and get excited for them at Coachella.

I know that I am.


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