Coasts might be as tropical as the UK gets


coastsAll I wanted this evening was something tropical. I keep reading tropical is dead. You know what I say to that? People can get fucked, because those beach vibes makes me bloody happy. Oceans isn’t entirely tropical – but doesn’t it make you feel like sunshine and beach hair.

Probably because they are singing about the sand and the ocean – but who cares, when in the middle of winter I can almost taste the salt water on my lips and feel the sand between my toes.

Coasts are a UK band out of Bristol who I have only JUST discovered – maybe I’m way behind? Actually that is a lie – seems I have liked them on Facebook already, that’s awkward. How did that happen? Regardless, after the holidays I feel like I’m playing catch up with my entire life, so I’m sorry if this is all a bit “been there, done that” for you.

Quickly, hit play – and dream of summer. The winter has barely come.

But by God I can already taste the rays on my skin.



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