CHRISTMAS MARKETS BERLIN: everything you need to know


Christmas is here, almost. And as you may know this is one of our favourite times of the year. Sure – we are terrible at the cold, because Australia and fine we will whinge about the lack of sunlight, because Australia – but Christmas is Germany is probably the most magical occasions in the entire year with all the lights, and hot wine, and sausage, and wine. It literally cannot be beat.

Because we are frantically trying to get our shit together as to not miss one moment of this special, mostly tacky – but fucking wonderful experience. We have thrown together a list of our go-to Christmas markets. From the terribly Traditional to the über design themed. They are just finding their stride – so quickly…

Get that shit in your calendar.


GENDARMENMARKT | 25 November – 31 December
It’s probably Captain obvious of us and super basic bitch predictable – but the Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market is really one of our favourites. You need to understand where we are from is 30’C BBQ weather – and this market is like something from the movies – it is German Christmas perfection.

LUCIA AT KULTURABRAUEREI | 24 November – 22 December
North, South, East, and West – all directions, all covered by traditional Christmas Markets. Live up near Prenzlauer Berg? Feel like venturing out of your comfort zone to expand your tinder options? Lucia is the place for you. The Market is nice looking, the stalls are interesting/ international traditional and there are hot dads everywhere. Check us in.

ALT RIXDORFER | 5-7 December
One of the most special Christmas market’s of all of Berlin is located in Neukölln. Mostly because it’s a non-fussy family event, with homemade Glühwein and all the bratwurst one can stomach. It’s also only active for one weekend of the season – which probably adds to the allure.

CHARLOTTENBURG PALACE | 24 November – 28 December
Next-level-MARKET. Located around the Schloss Charlottenburg, you are going to accomplish a few things with this one:

  1. feel regal
  2. venture West, where it feels like everything is a holiday
  3. bratwurst, always bratwurst.

ALEXANDERPLATZ | 24 November – 28 December
Ok – so this market is terrible, really. I mean Alexanderplatz is terrible. But – I think maybe that’s what makes it so good. On your way home from work? Changing trains at Alexanderplatz? Stopping off for a quick Glühwein and a bit of season cheer (or depression) never hurt anyone. This one even has rides – so I guess that’s a bonus.. Probably the best place for people watching, because really – have you seen the humans that frequent the Alex area?


KREUZBERGER WINTERMARKT | 24 November – 30 December
Want a Christmas Market everyday, not just subject to weekends and weather conditions – of course Kreuzberg has you covered, that Kiez thinks of everything. Not just a Christmas affair but a seasonal WINTER variation, we are nestled inside a wind proof courtyard with handmade products from locals for all to consume. If you have mini-people on hand, they have all sorts of activities to keep them interested too. It’s like the Club Med of Weihnachtsmarkts !

HOLY HEIMAT | 27 November – 21 December (Thurs – Sun)
I’ll Holy your Heimat in a minute. What doesn’t come out of this space which is sahhh cool – really, nothing. Whether it’s a cocktail only affair or street food madness – this Neue Heimat establishment is a place to be.

JAPANISCHER | 7 December
Because Traditional German is so 2013, Urban Spree is throwing an all Japan affair with a Japanischer Weihnachtsmarkt. It sounds weird/ wonderful – we are into it.

HALLESCHES HAUS | 13-14 & 20-21 December
Haven’t organised presents yet and can’t be fucked with the faff of KuDamm? Hallesches Haus is the place to be. Get a Glühwein and stroll around the stalls of designer goods. No smoking santa’s here – only good presents for rad humans.

WEIHNACHTSRODEO | 13-14 & 20-21 December
Design, fashun, street food and a whole lot of other words I don’t yet understand in German. This Christmas Rodeo is an indoor situation, with exciting goods for all – which is actually really good because:

  1. it happens mid-December, Hell has definitely frozen over at that stage.
  2. Again, KuDamm is for suckers this Christmas, support your local sellers.

OK – so now these Hipster Marktes are all starting to sound the same; design, fashun, food, good times. Nowkoellns point of differentiation? Waffles. That’s right – shop & stuff your gob on the good stuff. There’s a 3€ entry fee – but it’s gotta be worth it.


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