Chivalry is dead, amongst the homeless


Ok, so I always read about these feminists complaining about poor treatment, and then you hear from reg non feminists bitching about a door not being opened, and meal not being paid for etc. I personally sit firmly between the two of these opposites, but in this RANT – that is not the issue.

I find myself presently hot, and damp after having to lug a rather heavy box to the post office. Things I am fine with, sending packages – I mean I somewhat resent my boss for sending me, but that is a whole different story. Ultimately I have no problem with the post office, until one of two things happens, BOTH of which happened today:

  1. I get cat called by a guy on a bike, several times, almost like I didn’t hear him in the first place. Homeboy – I am carrying a rather large package (any way you write that, does not sound good) I don’t care for you or the way in which you tied that bandana around your face like a bandit.
  2. I get asked for a cigarette from a homeless man. Does this box I’m hauling look like a cigarette? I can see how this might be confusing, not really; but seriously – does it look like I am fucking smoking..? Idiot.

Reasons these two things are all sorts of effed up is:

  1. Frankly – people shouldn’t cat call, however if you must, doing so while I’m obviously busy/ struggling is just double unmanly. Help me out you arsehole – then I might speak to you and if you are cool, possibly buy you a coffee. Which equals US date, and everyone’s a winner.
  2. I believe in getting money for doing work, not for just putting your hand out and being homeless. Perhaps I’m now the arsehole – but that’s the way it goes. So when you ask me for a ciggie, while I obvs. have no hands free to get said object I don’t even have – it’s semi annoying. But then this gets me thinking.. If you want a cigarette so badly or money, which would = a cigarette, why don’t you offer your services, and carry the god damn package..! I mean seriously, first you ask me to get something out of my purse, while I obviously have no hands free, and you then expect me to do so with nothing in return from you..? Get the fuck outta here.

I’m sorry, I am not normally the girl that gets all up in your face about chivalry and roles within the sexes – I think of myself as an equalist (although I do love it when I’m bought dinner, I will offer – but it makes me gah-gah when it happens) but when I have two v. different angles of men being a dick, I kind of get annoyed, and think “Hey arsehole, be a man – and carry the box for the damsel in distress.”

It’s really not that much to ask, and I probably would have smiled and said “thanks, but no”

But still, what the fuck is wrong with people..!?


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