Chet Faker and all those #sex tags <3


Today’s the first time in ages I have been able to troll Soundcloud and hallochen Chet Faker. I forget his album, Built on Gold, daily on Spotify, and why? It doesn’t make any sense. Just this week he popped Gold up on the internet for embeddable streamable pleasure – and thanks, really.

Personally I love the fact he is tagging his own music as #sex. Because this is exactly what it is – a whole bunch of sexy in one song, buh. Gold could make even the most promiscuous of us sexually frustrated… You ripping the stickers off your beer bottle yet? I am, and it’s only 9:10AM !

Chet Faker plays Melt ! this year with a start time of 7:30 on the Main Stage. Who’s getting out of work early to catch it?

This guy. I hope…


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