Chet Faker – seems to be a thing


All weekend – I was told by my Australian mates “Lucy, you need to listen to Chet Faker. NEED.” I think we might have done at some ungodly hour – and I decided it all sounded alright, and should do again sometime.

Roll on Wednesday – I see another recommendation, from a separate friend to another friend (confusing?) to catch Chet Faker as the warm up to Temper Trap in London.

Twice in 4 days – I can get on that. And his voice is swoony, the music is calming, his beard is EPIC and overall it’s just pretty delicious. However with the amount of plays he has on Soundcloud and fan base on the Book – I can only assume he is a big deal – and I have had my head in a hole?

“Cigarettes and Chocolate” makes me kind of happy, and that’s funny because I think it’s supposed to be one of those sad reflecting song. I’ll reflect – on how I am going to take over the world and go on boats in really warm places. Chet Faker be puttin’ the wind in my hair right now – which is sort of a tricky thing to master considering I am sitting inside, no where near a window.

Lover – you coming to Berlin? Let’s hang etc.


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