Cheap bitch, please.


So – I went to Hot Chip last night (and Sleigh Bells – who we missed, totally bummed) and I got to talking with my friend Sarah about how she got V-Vip tickets for free – because she knows people. Which then led to conversation regarding how I always get the company I work for free shit – because I claim we are media, blah blah blah, g’day, blah blah blah, 1million viewers etc. Which THEN led us to the conclusion – we should start a pretend music site, and get free shit.

SO – friends and minimal followers, I am starting a music site – it is called Dope as the Pope. You don’t have to look at it – I don’t care, because ultimately it’s just to get free shit. But it will be there – and Sarah and I will type type type about music. chances are it will be un-intelligible, and likely the shittest music blog out there – but it will be there.

Not sure this is news worthy – or Lucy vs. the Globe worthy – but this is my blog (Arsehole.)


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