CFCF – Night bus II >> knee weakness, like – right now.


Oh my. Arrival of things in my inbox that are totally amazing. Is Night bus II by CFCF.. It’s actually like crazy wonderful. Smooth, and lully – without being cheesy.

I just want to stop working right now, and sit/ listen. There isn’t much music that makes you want to do that. Most of my music I can happily listen to while I work, and not really get that worked up by it.

But dear Lord. Let’s shut down the computer and shimmy, slowly, around the office. Get the free download by right clicking saving, or just click it and play straight from your browser.

Hailing from Canada – like all good musicians seem to be, he is sexiness by way of adding music.

01 wait for me intro (vangelis)
02 this city never sleeps (eurythmics)
03 stranger (jhene aiko)
04 demons/behind the bank (asap rocky/oneohtrix point never)
05 keep the streets empty (fever ray)
06 aventurescence/addiction (beaumont/cassie)
07 here in heaven/one more chance (elite gymnastics/notorious BIG)
08 tongues (d’eon)
09 sappys curry/body count (underworld/meek mill)
10 lowride/unthinkable (autechre/alicia keys)


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