Celebrating O.B.L’s death – is NOT OK


Now I have been a little disturbed of late with the celebratory nature surrounding Osama bin Laden’s death. I don’t want to rant too much on this, but it has actually bothered me. There is something very sickening about people celebrating the end of somebodies life (regardless of who it is). It is semi barbaric, and totally animalistic.

I understand that once upon a time we were sort of monkey’s and perhaps this is what should be expected of us. But I also think there has been quiet a lot of development of the human species, and frankly – chanting U-S-A-U-S-A, or singing songs of praise outside the White House is pretty Fox News of the population, and it needs to stop.

What separates me from a murderer is the fact that I choose not to stab someone to death/ shoot them/ smother them with a pillow. But with the whole rejoicing in death thing – does that not put us firmly on that level..? Don’t get me wrong over readers/ over reactors – I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday and that was one of the greatest tragedies I will likely bare witness to in my lifetime. But there is something unsettling about taking human life, and even more so when it is then celebrated.

The other thing that really urks me about this whole situation is that perhaps it is the end of  a man, but it’s not the end of that sort of mentality.. Standing around pumping your fist shouting America fuck yeah etc. to the death of a semi influential man.. well, it’s kind of provocative.. Don’t you think..

A little bit more reading on the current topic – may do me the world of good…

But frankly – the smugness in it all is really wearing very thin.


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