Can someone take me to their Parents House?


Hallo new week! I have decided that it’s time to stop fucking about in Germany. Up until now – my life has just been one fun little English speaking adventure. You know what that is? The definition of fucking about. Welcome – life as German as a second language.

For the next however long – I am commiting to getting up an hour early every day, to teach myself German. Not that I’m really qualified to do this – but I figure between me, Rosetta Stone, two German classes a week and a general understanding of communication – I got this.

So – tick, managed that this AM. And then threw on Colleagues Parents House – and it has legitimately got me high kicking about my new existence. Shit’s upbeat, life feels possible – German, that feels doable. Things I don’t need is a motivational speaker. Just give me a clever pop song with a happy beat, and I could legitimately conquer the world.

By Christmas I will be able to string a conversation together – and any slash all Germans will want to take me to their parents house. I look good these days…

Deutsch will officially be the icing on the GSL cake.




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