Big Sur is one of the best things about California – hands down. The coast line is actually breath taking and the outdoorsy’ness so outdoorsy you feel like you are breathing air for the very first time. My main recommendation for the 1 is to drive down. In America you drive on the right (remember this), so if you are heading from LA to SF it’s a little bit more difficult to pull over and take it all in.


…in a Yurt – these are half tents have cabin structures. They come with beds – but because the top half is a bed, you kind of feel like you are still sleeping in nature.

VENTANA INN – Are you fancy huh? Then this is your place. It’s right on the cliffs edge (I guess) with spa’s, and luxe beds, and all sorts of American oppulance. If you have cash to splash – don’t go stay in a YURT, what are you intellectually challenged ?! You are staying here.. OR..

POST RANCH INN – I’m pretty sure we ate burgers here, it was super nice – waves crash on the cliff, overlooking to countless stars. DO YOU FEEL ROMANCED YET !? If you have to ask how much it’ll cost, you can’t afford it, so have a think – then click the link.



HUG A REDWOOD – These trees are not messing around. You need to just try and wrap your arms around one – to experience it from another sense (that is not just your eyes) how vast they really are. This was also a very strong recommendation from a local Big Sur’er – and we

TOUCH THE WATER – If and when passing moving water when exploring the Redwoods one big of advice we were given was to touch the watch. And touch the water we did. I don’t know why this was/ is still so special, because I’m sure the running water in streams in Australia feels the same – but was almost a “spiritual” (and mostly tongue in cheek) moment.

HOT SPRINGS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT – Atop a hill in Big Sur are hot springs that are only open to the public between the hours of 1 – 4A, go there. ** NOTES: pretty sure they are nude hot springs, so go with someone you are comfortable with, or at least would want to roll around with.


coming soon !



Palm Springs is where the young and fabulous go, with the old Hollywood vibes. The weather is hot, the decor is always fabulously retro and a cocktail by the pool is on the cards. If you are spending some time in LA and want to work in some 2014 winding down – head to Palm Springs. You will probably drink your weight in old fashioneds and get less sleep than usual – but you will feel positively glamorous.


INTEGRATRON for a Sound Bath, because WHAT?!

JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK  because it’s fucking awesome.

INDIAN CANYON– hiking back to waterfalls!  in the desert.  WHAT?!



BAR– for cocktails and the illusive Van Winkle whiskey

PAPPY AND HARRIETS – live music at a strange bar where tons of amazing bands just randomly pop up







ACE HOTEL – Place is the tits. It honestly oozes cool, in the most obnoxious way possible. If you head there on a Sunday they generally have the most fabulous pool parties (leaning on the gay side of life – but literally fun for the whole family)

** TIPS:

  1. If you are there on a Tuesday – the bar has Taco Tuesday, and that is delicious. Actually I think each night of the week has a theme –that is a total benefit.
  2. Don’t miss Bingo night a the Ace with famous Linda.



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