Busy as fuck.. but here’s a few tunes you should listen to.


Ok – so I am busy as a bitch on heat this week, because I leave for Coachella on Thursday night, then Australia on Monday PM – so I have so much work to do… for work, it is kind of beyond a joke. SO – I have been listening to other peoples websites, and finding great shit, which deserve a post of their own -but I JUST DONT HAVE TIME. I’m sorry.

Without further adieu.

California Sunrise (Hannes Fische remix) — Dirty Gold
sick sick sick. We have posted about this song before and it’s wicked sick video – but this is the remix version by Hannes Fische, who frankly – I had never heard of before. Til I was stuck in what I call a link hole over at Poule d’Or – and now I am obsession. Thanks thanks thanks. and LISTEN.

The Greeks — Is Tropical
Another Poule d’Or find – I have been creeping today.. it’s ghastly. Anyway – rad rad rad song – has really pumped me though my morning/ the better half of my afternoon. Love it – go download this song over at official.fm in exchange for your email address.. As C. Sheen would say “#WINNING”

Sh8kr — Headless Horseman
One of my new favorite music blogs (All Things Go) posted stuff by this group this morning. I am kind of loving Sh8kr, like A LOT.. The ghostly bouncy’ness of this is just fabu-LASS. Like, kind of feels Sleigh Bells’ish (maybe?) but less screaming/ rilling. Go pick up their latest EP for a fiver over at their bandcamp

Colours — Grouplove
Old but delicious – have been listening to their website for the last two days now – and I really am appreciating it. A lot.. I am feeling pretty time poor at the moment with finding music etc. So was pumped to revisit this shit and just get some joy out of it.

Today is Our Life — Memory Tapes
RCRD LBL Always comes through with the goods – and they did today. Love a good bit of Memory Tapes – wafty and wonderous. Makes me feel all sorts of magic at my desk, overlooking 4th Street. This one is kind of special because it hits it’s stride about 20 secs in, and just makes me want to eat ice cream or something.

Similar Sense / You’re the Runner — Mitten
This is more like a last week obsession that has carried over into this week. CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO MITTEN. Was on the recent Poule d’Or compliation (#7) – and I just get all sorts of dance face. all their songs make me feel so good I could just be sick on my keyboard. But below are particular fav’s (you get two, because it’s so obsession worthy) If you are in the Brooklyn area they are playing at the Cameo Gallery on the 8th May – and you should fully get at it, because it looks like a hoot.

Abducted — Cults
New song by Cults > over at NPR. Hit the link and scroll down – then have a listen. I think it’s a bit of alright, but I really hate that it’s only available on NPR. Fucking hipsters and their exclusive shit.



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