Bon Iver – you make me melt, in a way that makes the rain O.K


Oh this has really made my morning. Bon Iver makes my skin tingle on a bad day – and today is a really good day. I may have done my make up in the dark – and have semi wonky eyes. But it is a good day. And Bon Ivers newest release Calgary has just made it like 1000 times BETTER

There is something just so magic about Bon Iver – that makes me want to press play again, and again, and again. And I kind of have been.. All morning. Sadly – and I will admit this, his album was on high rotation when I was going through my vampire lust stage (commonly known as the Twilight saga) – I know this is sad, and it is ultimately sadder for me – because it makes me think of sallow skinned edward and his flying abilities.. LAME!

The music is just so bare, it makes my insides melt, generally wanting more – but gah, it’s just so Goddamn perfect.

I could weep (Go organise yourself a free download of Calgary over at the Bon Iver website)


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