PLAYLIST: BLOG PARTY in T-3 days, ready?


We’re not ! But that’s what’s fun right? In an effort to get our brains in line with tunes and feelings and party bangers we have been making Playlists. You would have seen your first one about a week ago when we officially announced the blog party. Today, you have your second.. YOU’RE WELCOME !

To catch you up…. Once again we are getting together with our favourite blogging friends (Demons Galore, Nordic by Nature and PonyDanceClyde) to bring you some of our best hip hop anthems – the only difference? This time, your mate Bron and I are actually de-de-de–jaying (that’s me scratching – see, already awesome.)

We are giving away some tickets – because why the fuck not. All you have to do is head over to our first Blog Party play list, and answer the very simple question…


Here are some of the facts, because you will need those – if you intend on coming:

DOORS: 23:00 (that’s 11PM for those of you that don’t read a 24h clock)
CO$T: 5€

If you are after more info than just this – you can get that and so much more from the facebook event page.

Click attending, make us look popular.


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