Bliss N Eso, BRAHMS and BRAIDS – oh MY!


As promised we are alphabetizing this down. I am sort of daunted by this adventure I have promised to journey along – of going through the A- Z’s of SXSW, that is 26 letters, I mean fark, that’s sort of a commitment – but get shit done. Doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it.

So, I just looked at B and these are my picks, at a glance – I’m sure there are a tonne there – that are awesome, but these are the ones I quickly recognize, and like/ love.

Bliss N Eso – these are my people, from Melbourne Australia – we are like sometimes hanging at the Espy, you know – being local.. Joking – I have never met these guys – have seen them a few times. I’m not one for Australian hip hop normally – I think it sounds kind of weird, and totally bogan – but I do love these boys from Albert Park. It’s sort of funny, because in America – hip hop/ rap is sort of ghetto.. Albert Park is a totally nice area of Melbourne, so we aren’t really talking the struggles of poverty.. Maybe we are Australia’s version of Vampire Weekend – but bastardized and with a ‘what, what’ feeling.. Side note – I was going to be called Bliss, which is totally weird because my parents are fully straight and that is a total hippy kids name. Sometimes I wish this was the case – and then me and this band would be more than just country men/ women – would be partners (almost)

BRAHMS – makes me giddy. Just fabulous. The boys are from New York, and in true fashion NY fashion – they are effortlessly cool. It makes me feel inadequate listening to their music – as we all know – I am possibly the least creative soul about. I can’t sing, I can’t play an instrument, I couldn’t write music, I can’t draw, I can’t paint, or entertain through interpretive dance – although my friends might disagree with this, get a few drinks in me and I will shimmy like a champion. Maybe that is what I can do – go see them, have a few drinks – and then shimmy like a champion, and get invited to the after party. Dream big, aim high etc.

BRAIDS we have blown up before – for the track below. Lemonade makes my skin tingle, these kids truly are fabulous. You know when I was a kid (and even know) if some 18 year old was like “Hey, lets fuck University – and just play music in our garage” I would have been/ would be really disappointed.. Like – seriously. Get an education, study, AND play in the band.. IF that music shit doesnt work – at least you can be a scientist (or whatever) – But if BRAIDS had done that – possibly they wouldn’t be gifting you with gems such as Lemonade.. So, thank you – for not getting a higher education, we truly are blessed you were all dreamers.

Check out the full SXSW A-Z band list here (if you want to see more than just 3 of each letter..)


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