Blaue Blume alliteration at its best.


blaue blumeIt’s snowing in Berlin. It’s practically April. I’m not vibing this at all. I mean – I wasn’t even that excited about the snow to start with, it was kind of magical with all the Christmas markets etc. But to be honest, it’s kind of annoying. I have to wear so many clothes, I fall over almost daily, and my skin is so dry I can barely wear enough moisturizer.

So – on days like today, it’s kind of nice to not leave the house, be warm – and listen to music that rolls right over you. Enter: Blaue Blume. On New Years Eve feels a bit like a subdued Future Islands.. That said – it might just be homeboys voice rather than the whole package. Regardless of association, it’s delicious and Danish. Alliteration continues, huzzah.

Popping up on my SoundCloud – I’m fucking loving the whole repost vibe that those guys have implemented. It presents me with all sorts of music, easily.

Next steps are pretty easy. Have a listen.

And if in Berlin – stay indoors. It’s not safe out there.




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