Bizarre ramblings, that do have a musical ending..


New things I found whilst trolling the interwebs. Let me give you a bit of a background, English lilts don’t often have much of an affect on me. I’m Australian, I actually don’t care about your accent.. Is that fucked? Another thing I don’t care about.. That question, it’s true.

Americans get all hot and sweaty for “G’Day, pop a shrimp on the barbie” type talk. And I don’t really get it. You see them quietly melt in front of you while you say something funny, and cute – which you are frankly oblivious too, because that is how you (I) talk (God damn it!). It’s actually not all bad, as it seems to win lots of different things. And when I say win, I mean receive. But it feels like winning – because it doesn’t make any sense as to why me over any one else (Answers: the accent).

Anyway – that waffle was to just explain, I am not jazzed by this team over at Zulu Winter because of their accents. I am jazzed – because I think they are awesome. You get me, your accent is not BEDAZZLING ME! There is something just so deliciously shoulder popping with this team, that makes me dance. And I don’t dance, unless I am drunk – and then I have like a 5 step routine that I repeat (over and over again)..

Bless you Zulu Winter, for making me want to dance. It is one of the small joys I abandoned circa 2007.


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