Binki-boo you’re a baby-babe, what?



Binki Binki Binki – you make my heart swoon. I meant to post you last week pre Coachella. But the fact of the matter is, last week was busy – so Binks got ignored. But it makes her no less of a babe.

Miss Binki Shapiro – is a bit of a hero of the world – in general. She is a total fashionista, a DJ and mate with Alexa Chung.. I mean – come on. I couldn’t even count the amount of times I see her in a mag being just generally fabulous, and her DJ’ing abilities are sourced across America, which frankly is so hot. Music is hot – DJ’ing is hotter- being female, and doing it all -is the hottest.

I would like to learn how to do the DJ’ing thing. I think I might be OK with a beat, and I like music – so let’s do this – let’s make myself like 35% hotter – by having a music talent. She is also in a band (Little Joy) – I think it is one of those indie numbers, and I believe she is the singer/ cowbell player..

Gah! Get the fuck out of here Binki, you are making me sick.


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