Bilingual BABE status – mais OUI!


OK-OK-OK – French babe status all up in here! Clémence Poésy. I don’t even know what to say about this ye fair, because she really is that major.

I mean – look, I might be bias for a few reason:

  1. I love Harry Potter – she featured in Harry Potter
  2. I used to speak French/ dream of regaining that skill – she is a native French speaker
  3. I dream of wearing clothes delicately/ with angles – she does this, and has spunk
  4. Chuck Bass = seriously creepy babe, who I love/ adore – she totally made out with him on Gossip Girl

Maybe none of those points appeal to you. Perhaps you are all like –

  1. Harry Potter is a childrens book.
  2. the French = BLEH!
  3. Fashion? Who even cares about clothes anymore..?!
  4. Chuck Bass is a total creep, nay in a hot way.

But seriously – you can go fuck yourself if you think any and all of the above. Clémence, je t’adore. And I mean it, truly. I think that if we ever met – perhaps we would be friends,  and maybe then we could get coffee, speak en Francias to one another. You would laugh, and I would smile – and then we would walk hand in hand off into the French sunset (Arc de Triomphe in the back ground)..

Sounds magic, doesn’t it?


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