BERMUDA 2013: Lucy vs. the Globe is a media partner?


You heard right pancakes – this year, Lucy vs. the Globe is a media partner for BerMuDa.. Just so we are clear that’s Berlin Music Days – see what they did there? Yes, they are clever.

Having had the last 2 weeks in Bali, and the line up only just being announced – to say we are running slightly behind is an understatement. But I thought I might get it out there in the ethers – WE ARE A MEDIA PARTNER.. watch this space?

We think we will give away a couple of tickets, meet a few electronic rock stars, rub shoulders with some labels and you know – cause a general ruckus. But this is all TBD – as I’m still waiting to hear back on who actually wants to rub shoulders with us…!

BerMuDa has a few areas of interest – so here they are broken down.. Into nicely digestible pieces for you!

BerMuDa DAYS/ NIGHTS – Has anyone got Kid Cudi spinning in their head? No. Right – back to it. Not going to lie, I think this is where the majority of us will find ourselves. You’re evenings will be filled with a variety of label showcases and club nights, late bar evenings and afterhours. Your days? Think electronic music education. Photographic exhibitions on “the scene”, book readings and all things learning. Your days and nights are going to be a schmoregosboard of electronic jams from all walks of life – this isn’t a question, it’s a statement of fact.

BerMuDa CONCERTS – A new kid in the BerMuDa family, although – to be fair – the lineup isn’t anything to be sneezed at. We’ve got electronic music meeting pop, jazz, and fusion. With all sorts of international acts pegged to play – “Hot Chip” and “Hercules & Love Affair” are just a starting point.

BerMuDa CONFERENCE – OKKKKK. Not to do anything in halves BerMuDa’s conference consists of a couple of very solid areas.

  1. DE:BUG Musiktechniktage – Wanna figure out all things technical and music? DE:BUG is your bread butter and jam. Showcasing workshops in all areas of music technology – does studio recording tickle your fancy – there is a workshop for that. Keen to finesse your efforts in spinning records or general live performance (Bron, 90’s Blogger Party prep.. right here) – DE:BUG is actually the place to.
  2. BerMuDa LABS – Are you into electronic music as much as our mate Bron? Is all this almost a religious experience? Do you want to talk about it’s past, present and future among peers? BERMUDA LABS IS YOUR THANG. This five day event is addressed to the growing local and national community of the electronic music scene.This is your chance to get involved, get some insight and meet like-minded people. Can anyone say: Lucy Verified (Electronic Edition)?

Whether you have an interest in the technical side of the music industry or how the employment function of it all really works – I would probably say there is something in BerMuDa CONFERENCE for alles.

Are you all – “OMG LUCY, I wanna know more?!” I can’t help you- but the guys at Beatguide can. Hit them up for BerMuDa CONFERENCE tickets (they are selling them), all things very official on the program and for more info, in general.

OK… So that’s your run down. Shit starts November 6th and runs til the 10th. Get knowledgeable, get involved – and expect a few more updates from us. Wet your whiskers with the promo video below and find solace in the fact very shortly there’ll be something in all of this for you.

God only knows we love to share!




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