BerMuDa 2013: Kyson


KysonThis is definitely not your first run in with Jian AKA Kyson, and I’m sure it won’t be your last. But nonetheless, meet him. I’ve only met Jian once, I was a bit drunk, entirely obnoxious and he was lovely. Isn’t that how it always goes? From that brief encounter and with the help of the Internet, here’s what’s good/ semi-factual.

  • Kyson just released a new LP The Waters Way – FACT
  • The new LP is like heaven in your ear drums – (subjective) FACT
  • Kyson live shows are an all encompassing experience. You will move/ wiggle, without any effort – FACT
  • Jian is from Australia – FACT
  • Kyson is playing at COOKIES this Saturday as part of BerMuDa – FACT

When Jian isn’t making you move in all the right ways he is probably asking his mum to send over some Caramello Koalas, rationing his vegemite and only drinking wine for under 3€ – because (good) 3€ wine doesn’t exist in Australia – it’d be rude not to.

This year Lucy vs. the Globe was tasked to be a media partner for BerMuDa (Berlin Music Days) – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. As a result we have interviewed a couple of people who are rolling up there sleeves and bringing you music you can move your feet to.

So let’s say “G’day maaaaaate!” to Jian. He answered 10 questions largely made up of nonsense, good for you Jian.

Good for you.

Kyson plays at COOKIES for BerMuDa 2013 on Saturday 9th November.

LUCY: You win a goldfish at a fair, what do you call it – why?
JIAN: Happypotymous III. Number 1 and 2 died already

LUCY: If I said the year 1993 – what music first comes to mind? I’m all up on Salt n Pepa.
JIAN: Masta Ace and De la Soul, use to listen to both of them a lot. But if it was about what music I listened to in 1993 it would probably have to be like “Fruit Salad” by ‘The wiggles’

LUCY: 2014 is fast approaching; got any resolutions for the New Year?
JIAN: quit smoking… i have it every year and also to get piano lessons again.

LUCY: If you were an Australian animal, which would you be
JIAN: A koala bear, sometimes i feel like one anyways.. except I’m not in a tree. They seem to have a great life.

LUCY: What is your favourite .gif of all time? (like a moving image on the computer, I didn’t fuck up the word gift.)
JIAN: Too many good cat gifs to choose, the one that hides in boxes.. Maru or something. (Click Maru to watch it move / here are many cats, hiding in boxes… You’re welcome. – Lucy)

Maru in a Box

LUCY: Would you rather be attacked by a single horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? Why?
JIAN: I think I would rather the single horse sized duck attack me just because I think i could outrun it, those little horses would be like spiders or something creeping up all around you.

LUCY: My number one music crush is Beyonce, followed very closely by Lizzy from MSMR – who is yours?
JIAN: My number one crush would have to be… anyone with an Afro.

LUCY: If you weren’t “Kyson” what would you be doing? Do you already lead a double life?
JIAN: I hope I would be doing something else creative, maybe still working in the mountains snowboarding or something… I did that for a while but chose to focus on music as its hard to have a studio living in a hotel room the size of a shoebox.. nah don’t really live a double life… I think it would be difficult I get stressed out enough as it is.

LUCY: It’s the year 2040 – what do you hope is a reality? I’m all about teleportation.
JIAN: Definitely teleportation, I have had many discussions about this topic in the past.. I really also hope we are starting to fix this fucking world a little bit. (PREACH – Lucy)

LUCY: Tell us anything you deem relevant.
JIAN: Sometimes its harder to press pause than press play. enough said.


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