BerMuDa 2013: Hannes Fischer


I’ll tell you what is happening this week. Actually you know what is happening this week, but I’m going to tell you anyway. BerMuDa is happening this week – starts Wednesday to be precise. And who’s excited? These guys (Bron/ Lucy)

So, have we met Hannes Fischer? I’m gonna say you probably have if you follow anything Lucy vs. the Globe like since at least 2 years. Not because I really posted that much disco back then, but at this stage I was Poule d’Or friendly, who is Hannes Fischer friendly – and so the Internet connection happened.

I’ve realised upon writing this I have no real clue about old mate. We have never met, I very infrequently go out to listen to disco – our Berlin paths have not crossed. BUT – if I were to sum it all up with 75% truths, this is how it would go:

  • Hannes Fischer plays Deep/ Tech House – FACT.
  • He is German – FACT.
  • I introduced him to Dems, which was a hit of 2011 on YouTube75% FACT, I’d like to claim it but I’m not sure I’m solely responsible.
  • Old mate can speak English and German – FACT.
  • Hannes Fischer is a ginger – 50% FACT. He might  just have auburn coloured hair, could go either way.
  • He is playing at Rummels Perle this Thursday – FACT.

This year Lucy vs. the Globe was tasked to be a media partner for BerMuDa (Berlin Music Days) – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. As a result we have interviewed a couple of people who are rolling up there sleeves and bringing you music you can move your feet to.

So let’s say “Hey Alte!” to Hannes Fischer. He answered 10 questions largely made up of nonsense, good for you Hannes.

Good for you.

Hannes Fischer plays the Sailors-Night at Rummels Perle for BerMuDa 2013 on Thursday 7th November.

LUCY: It’s the year 2040 – what do you hope is a thing? I’m voting on teleporting, because that would make my life as an Australian in Europe like 75% easier.
HANNES FISCHER: Food replicators like those from Star Trek, definately.

L: Favourite .gif of all time?

Monorail Cat

L: You’re a tropical fruit – what are you? Why?
HF: I seriously don’t know why I should want to be a tropical fruit. (Why should you ever want to be anything but what you are. Go on Germany – take the fun out of that. – Lucy)

L: Would you prefer to battle 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck? – Discuss.
HF: 100 duck sized horses would be super cute, probably. but I choose battling the horse sized duck, later I’d invite a lot of friends for dinner.

L: If you could only take one item of clothing from the early 00′s with you into the future, what would it be?
HF: I would not want to do that. Horrible stuff.

L: Do you have any guilty musical pleasures? – for example, my (current) dirty little secret is Missy Elliott.
HF: Missy Elliott is not a dirty little secret, come on! I still love the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. :) If I’d still be 16 i would shuffle a lot.

L: Who is your spirit animal? I think mine might be this flamingo.
HF: This horse.

L: You have to settle on water plus one other drink for the rest of your life. Which one and why?
HF: Apple juice. Just because I like it.

L: Tell us something you seem relevant.
HF: Come to Rummels Perle on November 7th!



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