Berlin Music Week – I’m overwhelmed, and underpaid.


Is it fucked I really don’t know how this goes? I mean – somehow Berlin Music Week has crept up on us all, and I really don’t know the first thing about it. There seems to be 3 distinct Berlin Music Week (official) things, being:

  1. Berlin Music Week, obviously
  2. First We Take Berlin
  3. Berlin Music Festival

The problem that I am facing here is that:

  • Their outline of events, is in German.
  • The press material I am receiving, is in German.
  • I am extremely time poor.
  • And – I don’t speak German. Which is no ones fault but my own, but it makes things a bit tricky.

There are a variety of really cool acts playing in Berlin this week – from SOHN to Josef Salvat. And I think, due to my lack of understanding (and time to translate German/ troll through the various English websites) I’m going to offer you the facts as I see them. From there you are able to make an educated decision. I hope.



  • I think this is just an industry thing, encouraging those of the music world to meet.
  • I don’t know if you would want to meet me – considering I really have no idea what is going on, and that seems like 101 of industry, but feel free to shoot me an email if you want to educate me on this whole scenario, over a drink:


  • This one is a Club and Showcase Festival, so it functioning all over Berlin – my favourite sort of festival.
  • Featuring acts such as: Josef Salvat, SOHN, Jagwar Ma and many more.
  • It’s 15€ for a ticket – buy those here
  • If you are the holder of a 2 day Berlin Festival ticket – you got this one, for free.


  • Happening over the 6/7th of September at Flughafen Tempelhof (old abandoned airport in Neukölln)
  • Lots of big (diverse) names here: Pet Shop Boys, Bjork, Hoodie Allen, Klaxons and MORE.
  • Supported by Club Xberg – which is like the after party, with disco music – I think you needed to get this ticket AS WELL, it doesn’t just come with your purchase.

The city is going to be a buzz – at a bare minimum I would recommend getting a 15€ First We Take Berlin ticket and trolling the streets. If you are too Berlin (poor but sexy) for that? Head to Our/Berlin Music Week (Nordic by Nature’s very own Berlin Music Week Showcase) – it’s free, and they have lunch daily from 2-3PM.

See you on the D-floor.


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