BERLIN MIDSOMMAR 2013 – you’re all going


berlin-midsommar 2013It’s the longest day of the year today – and that is exactly what Midsommar is celebrating. Look – not that I’m ignorant, I probably am, but I didn’t quite register this. I just thought it was a party for the middle of summer.. Yes – I am that simple.

So – what do the Scandinavian regions of the world do to celebrate the most amount of sun they will ever get in the one day? They dance around a maypole, they put flowers in their hair, and in Berlin – our Scandinvian flavours – listen to some pretty good Nordic themed jams and drink booze.. All thanks to our pocket fairies over at Nordic by Nature.

Midsommar is today – so, sorry for the short notice – but it should be a doozy, and you should all try and make it. The details are hard and fast, but it seems how you like it (if you want more info, find it on the Facebook event page):

LOCATION: P.O.P. (ex-Flamingo)
TIME: 16:00 til lateeeee!
BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Nordic by Nature, Norr, Göteborg, Noisey, nothingbuthopeandpassion, Zitty

The acts that are playing are the following modern day vikings:  IberiaHalasan Bazar and CTM, as well as DinnerAnton KristianssonThe New Spring and Aves. And if that isn’t reason enough to sink your teeth into this one, the building of a Maypole, flower wreath workshop, Maistången Dance, Tug of War, and Kubb should be. I don’t even know what half these things are – but you know who is excited..? This guy.

We are giving a special thanks to Göteborg & Co, The Swedish Embassy in Berlin and Music Export Denmark for making all this Scadinavian goodness possible. Without you, all dreams of going to an exclusively Nordic party would be dashed.

The single people of Berlin are eternally grateful.



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