Berlin Independent Night 2012 – we be going.


Up until last week I was still deciding if I was to go to Hamburg for the Reeperbahn Festival. Having just been there like 2 weeks ago, I semi feel like I have seen enough of that harbour city to last me at least a few months. What was also playing into the decision making process (as to whether I hit HAM or not) was my well advertised birthday (23RD SEPTEMBER – CALENDAR ! THAT ! SHIT !)

You see, birthdays are for friends and family – or just friends when you don’t have family in your general vicinity. And my friends – they are poor, and live in Berlin.

SO, on that note – ENTER BERLIN INDEPENDENT NIGHT. This Saturday 22nd September (perfectly timed) in the great city that is Berlin it seems that all the clever, pretty, party people who have already done their thang at the Reeperbahn Festival – are headed to this place I currently call home.

There are 6 venues – housing approximately 18 bands, and a handful of them I couldn’t be anymore stoked to see. Here’s your list of ones to watch/ the ones I will be frequenting. If you are there – tweety-bird me, I’ll drink with you slash you should buy me one – you only turn late-twenty-something once.

Get your tickets immediately – and don’t forget to write.

ANIMAL KINGDOM – Well, aren’t these guys dreamy. It’s kind of rock n roll but with a dreamy Euro lilt, which isn’t even a real lilt – this team are from the UK. I personally just want to wrap them up in my arms, and not really let go. Notes on that: Band, don’t get too close.

SWIM DEEP – You boys, this song, it’s making me cry. And you might think I am being dramatic – I’m not, and I’m attaching (ugly) photo EVIDENCE! The femme who used to be made of stone – cries at your music. If you have half a brain you will hit SWIM DEEP – and you will like it, because it brings me so much nostalgia the only logical answer is to burst into tears. REASON ENOUGH!

MS MR – I love you. I have loved you for a really long time. Well – ever since Mereki sent me your song Hurricane. Say thank you Mereki. I always get confused by which way your name goes (MR MS vs. MS MR) hopefully I will get a handle on it – because hear this.. I still love you.

KAKKMADDAFUKKA – My question is, what does their name actually mean..? Long hair don’t care, if this song doesn’t get your feet a little bit moving, then your shoes are made of lead – and you shouldn’t bother with the disco.. Ever


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