Because I do want you – truly madly deeply.


Do you remember that Savage Garden song – or was it just an Australian thing. I mean, personally I hated Savage Garden, I was sort of trendy when they were about – so I was all over cool bands, and cool things. I can’t remember for the life of me what those were, but they def weren’t Savage Garden – although, Darrens long hair and articulation of Chica-cherry-cola did do weird things to me.. Which I am ashamed to admit. Weirdly enough – that song was also called I Want You.. STOP IT!

Anyway – was just having a quick look at Gorilla vs. Bear – I feel like I should venture there more often, always find ripper things.. Blah, seems we have covered Summer Camp before – found the below song – which is making me feel all sorts of desperations. It’s quite emotional sounding – right? It’s totally 80’s music ballad, without the outfits. Which really translates to – great 80’s feeling, without the bad after taste. I think my food coma is doing bad things to my emotions..

God damn you Torta, Pollo Milanesa – for making me all emo and shit


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