Beauty of the pout. Yes – you’re a babe on Fridays.


Lindsey Wixson, I have a major girl crush on you. At first I thought you were sort of peculiar looking with those enormous lips and gapped front teeth. But after some serious consideration, and many hours spent trolling Terry Richardson’s blog – I realise, you are a beauty beyond most normal beauties.

Those gargantuan pillow lips, that I once thought were hostile looking, I envy on almost every level possible. They are so in your face, I think I was just shocked by them initially. Now, it is obvious how unique/ major those puppies are. The gap in your front teeth, I love that. I am not sure I didn’t ever NOT love that (did you like the double negs there – yeah, I’ll butcher the English lang. daily) – Me, I have crooked bottom teeth, not a big deal because you never see them – but a gap is just so sassy, a GAP shits on any other tooth defect. It might actually be the only tooth defect that can be considered a beauty thing..

I really don’t know why I am obsessing over you Miss Lindsey, it could also be that you look soft – for a skinny person. Is that an insult to models > I don’t know. But you don’t look muscly/ skinny, or lean/ skinny > you look soft/skinny, which (to me) means naturally skinny. Which means you are just one of those people that lucked out with the genes. Good for you. Seriously.

Worship, now. Because it’s a Friday.


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