Beat Connection – get the eff outta here.


Music at the moment is good. I don’t know if it’s that I haven’t cared for a while, or whether it’s because it’s summer and that is when new and interesting things are released.. Whatever the reason – I’m into it.

Beat Connection’s latest digimonster “The Palace Garden” has appeared on my Spotify. The whole god damn album. And you know – to have access to this day-in-day-out when I am on the streets pushing my beliefs, without the internet, an iphone, and a spotify app > it almost makes me want to go premium membership and hit repeat.

I could just buy the album when it comes out 6th August (pretty sure that date is accurate) – but that is like 2+ weeks away and I’m a now now now creature.

Get on board this; the boys are cute, they have American accents, and they seem to be endorsed by everyone I know..

None of these are bad things.


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