Battlekat is a thing, today.


My day has started off terribly. I had a rather big weekend, which was fine – but in an effort to come at it with vigour, I decided to take a sleeping pill last night at 9:30 and get to sleep by 10:30.. This is good in theory, unless you are tired anyway and don’t really need the sleeping pill. Welcome to my Monday, feeling like I am legitimately wrapped in cotton wool.

Things that have made it 95% better?

  1. Coffee
  2. Battlekat

Battlekat have a new song out Rituals That Make the Rain Fall – which is presenting itself by way of a video. I don’t ever care much for videos, mostly because I couldn’t give you 5 intelligent words on why they are ideal, although that said – I don’t really give you intelligent words on anything, ever. So maybe I shouldn’t discriminate..?

Take a listen – I’m delighted our mates from Denmark are back swinging.

It’s kind of warms the insides.



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