Bali is literally one of my most favourite places in the world – the ultimate island paradise. The absolute best way to see and do as much as of Bali as possible is to split your time between something coastal and something jungle. Seminyak is my choice of coastal for food/ drinks/ fancy Bali. Ubud for the more relaxing jungle vibe.

One of the best things about the “island of the Gods” is it’s seriously affordable, so being fancy has never been so easy. The shopping is great, the food is perfect and the drinking – is always cocktails.

Below is a list of places I would recommend to frequent if you find yourself in my home away from home.


SEMINYAK (and the surrounds)


LACALACA – This place has a really fun vibe with delicious Mexican fare. Seems a bit crazy to be eating Mexican in Bali, but somehow it fits. And really,

MOTEL MEXICOLA – Spicey Margs. This is enough to get you there. Get there. Really, don’t be dick.

MAMA SAN – buh, Asian done right. Go with mates, get a heap of share plates and stock up on cocktails. For Bali it might be on the pricey side, considering you can eat for 2€ but in IRL standards it is incredibly reasonable, and fucking delicious.

WATERCRESS – Organic delicious’ness. Good organic morsels for breakfast/ lunch. Watercress is simple, delicious food – that might just break up all the over indulgence in the best way possible.

MADE’S WARUNG II – Go to the Seminyak location, as Kuta is full of gross Australians. This is classic Indonesian food done right. Get a Nasi Goreng and a Bintang and remember you are actually in Bali.

MANTRA – It’s pretty easy to manage VEGO in Bali, but if you want more options – Mantra’s pretty good. Like most vegetarians, this place eats fish (or serves it) – so don’t freak out meat eaters, you’re covered.

KU DE TA – Want a cocktail and sunset…? OR COURSE YOU DO. Get to KU DE TA. Turn up early, snag a lounge chair and get a cocktail in you – it’s worth it.

POTATO HEAD – Get there. This is not cheap Bali, but it’s worth it. Potato Head Beach Club blends the daytime beach party, upscale restaurant, and sophisticated nightlife into an experience that’ll take you from day to night. Haute cuisine, exotic cocktails, and entertainment which revolves around music, art and fashion – don’t fuck about… Go.

SEA CIRCUS – Craving coffee ? Yeah, so are we. Sea Circus has you covered. Bali doesn’t always have the best beans – so trust us when we say: get here.

LA LUCCIOLA – This is historically my last stop every time in Bali, mostly because my flight doesn’t leave til 11P – and it’s nice to leave on a delicious note. Specializing in Italian food – you’ll find yourself right on the beach, watching a sunset, drinking a cocktail and snacking on olives. Yum.

JIMBARAN FISH MARKET – Probably a total tourist trap, but I love it. Fisherman fish, you turn up, pick your own fish, it gets cook – you eat it. All while you sit on tables on the beach, enjoying the weather and total simple surroundings. I’m told it’s good around breakfast time – so maybe that’s the least tourist trap hours.



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