Bag of Bones by April – is ON!


So – I am working on being a bag of bones currently.. Major reasons for this is that post quiting smoking, I managed to gain about 12kg (25lbs.) and have had some serious issue losing that shit.. Last year I think I lost about 10 lbs – and gained back a few of them over the xmas period. That’s ok/ understood. But – now I am heading home for a few weeks – and there is no way known I am heading home the fat kid.

Australia is all about image/ appearance. So when I lived there, there is no way in hell I would have ever gained 12kgs.. EVER. I think the most I have ever gained is 7kgs (16lbs) – again, when I quit smoking (the first time round) – but within 2 months, I realised this was not OK. and got my fat arse to the gym. I also took smoking back up – which I’m sure aided the weight loss..

So, I have been busting my arse at the gym – with spin class/ the treadmill/ a body pump class here or there – and low and behold 4 weeks in, I have lost 5kgs (11lbs). I am a shadow of my former self. And to be frank, I only have the music to thank.. That sounds lame, I didn’t realise it would sound that lame – but it is completely true. I can’t exercise without music – it is not humanly possible. And if I have to, which happened yesterday when riding home from work – I start singing songs like Everybody on the Floor, or this nugget from my 90’s based childhood.. and – friends, this is not OK. So this is a thank you, to those that are aiding me in the question that is bag of bones’dom.

Apprec. (favorite fitness jams below)

  1. City Dreams / Antonio Paul
  2. Real Life / Tanlines
  3. Leomande (Green Go Remix) / BRAIDS
  4. Boots of Danger (Boys Like Us Remix) / Tokyo Police Club
  5. Sitting Lonely / Rude Gentlemen
  6. Bitch Look at Me Now / Childish Gambino
  7. Resurrection (Penguin Prison Remix) / the Temper Trap
  8. Avec Mes Mecs / Humans
  9. Tip of Your Tongue / Porcelain Raft
  10. Young Blood (Chiddy Bang Remix) / the Naked and Famous
  11. Don’t Back Down / Restless People

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