Babe of the Week – on the request line, but I fully support.


We are totally all up on Lykke Li – day and night. Had never really thought of her for a Babe of the Week/ Girl Crush Friday candidate. But then this morning I had a request/ suggestion – that perhaps she might be used for the inaugural title. And thinking about it – why the fuck not. I mean she is a total babe. The fact that she sings and is just all round fabulous only aids and abets the situation..
She is from one of those countries in the Scandi regions (I believe Sweden) – so this gives all her stuff this fabulous gurgly, lilt – that just makes my skin melt. Accents I don’t normally do – but I do have a very soft spot for:

  1. Southern accent (America – Southern Gentlemen, are totally Gone with the Wind, and that’s ok with me.)
  2. South African (It’s like a totally retarded Australian accent, and it makes my blood run hot)
  3. Caribbean (love Island time, gah – get me a coconut cocktail)
  4. Denmark/ Swed (they are virtually the same.. sounding. And equally delicious)

And that’s likely it – out of all the many accents you can love and/ or adore – those are mine.. She is a total babe for the Friday, and I just want to stare longingly at her all day, everyday

Meanwhile, if you have any one of the above accents
– call me…


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