Babe of the week – dialin’ in, on the request line


So – this might be a bit of a new babe to you American’s but a v. old one for the Australian/ English in the audience. Isabel Lucas. is. smokin’. She used to star on Australian soap opera Home and Away (get to 13 secs in – that’s her) – but then left for the bright lights of the USA – and hasn’t really turned back, I don’t think..

I believe there is a warrant out for her arrest in Japan due to her interference with the ongoing whaling activities, and there was talk of the fact that once upon a time she dated Adrian Grenier from Entourage, which I personally see as a step down for her – he is kind of, like – not that hot.

Anyway – my mate from home sent me a text and asked that I feature her for my Babe on the Daily, and you know what – I am. Because she IS a total babe. Almost too much of babe, to the point where you despise her.. Found it quite difficult to find good pics of her – as they all seem to be in the Home and Away vein with her lollying on the beach SMILING (and generally lying down, which personally I found a touch odd).. Nobody likes a smiler when you are rep’ing babe of the week. Everyone wants it sultry – and pouty. I think this is because in everyday life – no one can get away with the sulty/ pouty look and feel on the reg, and frankly we all want to look at/ aspire to are things we will never actually be..

So if I flash a smiling happy Isabel Lucas in front of you, you are all like – oh yeah cute. But a smoky/ sultry Isabel = hot hot hot, inner pangs of I hate you – followed by – I need to get to the gym – followed by – can I eat my feelings now – FOLLOWED by the revelation..

Isabel Lucas is a babe.


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