BABE of the DAY – so babewothy, I might actually hate her.


People you need to be swoooooning over right now..? Anja Rubik. Holy mother of Jesus Christ – to some people the Lord and savior, but not my people because I am (newly) Jewish – SHE IS A BABE. Like sometimes I think that being Australian has put me in good stead, because we are a country of sunshine – and happiness, and generally babe’worthy peeps. Anja is from Poland – and sadly when I think of Po-Po I think of commission housing and darkness..

I have been to Poland, I understand it is not all like this – but I am a child of my era – and television has affected me greatly.. ANYWAY – then I see babes such as the delightful Anja, and just wa-wa-we-wa all of the shop. I don’t think she is from one of those oppressed families though, and this is like a triumph against adversity.. I think she had opportunity. So that makes this less glorious, less of a Cinderella story.

To make it all the more enviable – she is dating Sasha Knezevic – I mean come the fuck on. really..? I hate models – throw me a bone here. I want delicious man in stripes and stratigically draped beanie, to wrap his arms around my long leggy self.. Reasons this shit is not happening:

  1. I am not long, nor leggy
  2. Male models don’t exist in San Francisco
  3. Male models date female models

Gah – anyway – appreciate Anja – because she is so lust worthy it almost makes me sick to my stomach.

She is that sunny day – that makes you depressed because you aren’t doing life better, thus making you eat your feelings …bitch (please)


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