Babe Fridays, on speed dial.


Bianca Balti, originally an unknown to me until she was requested on the Lucy vs. the Globe Facebook page (fan it). I love it when I get requests, because often I don’t know the people being requested and that is great, expanding the babe catalogue – with very little effort. It also helps when the nominator is Emma from Em and Sid – you can’t deny the taste of those girls.. Ever.

So Bianca, an Italian stallion if you will. What a babe. Makes me massively insecure due to the fact we are pretty much the same age, and she is at major swoon babe status. With a husband, a baby and a gig at Victoria Secret > it pretty much makes me want to adopt about 7 cats, eat a handful of twiggy sticks, and watch Tara on tele. Yes, life status fail.

Mind you, I don’t want to be married with a kid currently, and I am sort of warm to adopting like 4 kids from all the corners of the world, so maybe it is not her life kicking goals that really make me swoon with jealousy, but her epic tits and legs for days, neither of which I will ever have (thanks mum).

To think she started her life as a model for a supermarket chain, after being rejected for being too “boring” looking.. Seriously? And now in 2011 she makes an appearance in the uber racy Pirelli Calendar, shot by the one and only Unkle Karl.

One day, maybe Unkle Karl will take my picture, then we will babe status me.


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