Aves does a video, Lucy stereotypes Finland.


AvesI seriously love nothing more than that rainbow smoke that people are using in their videos these days. Ever since Ksubi did it with those cars, and the femmes in jeans – I’m all like: love it. And because of this, it’s just standardised that Aves’ video for Sunkissed couldn’t give me any bad feeling emotions, at all.

As soon as that coloured smoke disappears, shit’s got this pretty magical forest vibe going on, and it just auto feel’s like Finland – in my imagination. I might add, I’ve never been to Finland – but you know that I imagine Helsinki and then forest, huge moose creatures, babe’n skinny Finish dudes with a somewhat rugged man vibe and really a lot of femmes that look like the girls in this video.

I don’t know if it’s such a bad thing to stereotype Finland – when I stereotype it this dreamily.



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