Australian Comradery – I don’t buy it, so don’t judge me when I open my mouth.


I get it – sometimes when you are from a country and living in a different country you are expected to be friends with those – from your own country.

And sure, this is a nice thought, I mean why wouldn’t you be – you are culturally very similar. But frankly – I dont like many people in general, so when it is suggested I must meet an Australian who just moved here – or if I meet you in a bar randomly and you are Australian, don’t try and form a friendship with me because we are from the same place.

I probably wouldn’t have liked you in Australia either, and if you are cooler than me, don’t expect me to be all over you, and try to be your mate – I don’t do that either. Be polite, ask a question or two – and move on. Because that is my intention.

This outburst was inflicted by a ridiculous Australian hipster in NYC.

Get over yourself

– you aren’t it bit and a bag of potato chips.


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