Australia is one scary place..


Just got home from driving a mate to a wedding dinner that was near my parents house in Kyneton. Now when I say near – I mean like a 30 min drive.. That is near when you are in the country of Australia. So we drove – off to this hotel in the bush – my dad said it would be a bit prickly to get to – but if I follow the signs I should be fine.

I missed the last sign – and ended up way off in the middle of nowhere. Which was no matter – we did a U-Turn and got back on the right street which was highlighted by a pissy little sign. God bless Australia, and it’s class act of subtlety. ANYWAY – the wonderful thing about Australia (and where my parents live) is when you get off on the smaller roads it is like eucalyptus trees all around you, growing up – like towering over you along a windy, middle of nowhere road. This is an incredibly wonderful experience in the day time.

It feels like rural Australia – and just wonderfully untouched and outdoorsy. But when you get down the beaten path – and it is dusk, and you just know that at any point it will get dark.. This shit is terrifying. I mean, like I think about our government run station (Australia’s answer to NPR) doing a mini series on me, disappearing, that is what it makes me think.

Girl in car – looks in rear vision mirror – sees something – is man in the tray of her truck – car crashes – girl is never seen again.. Title: What really happened to Lucy Jasper? an ABC mini series.

Australia, I love you – but you scare the absolute be-Jesus out of me.


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