Austin City Limits – HERE I COME!


Have been sitting in my bed since 6:45A in the upright position, calling and and hanging up, and calling and hanging up and calling and hanging up on the Austin Motel. As you guys are all aware, I am off to ACL – and if you weren’t aware, you should go fan the Lucy vs. the Globe facebook page, because that is why you are not in the know.

I am like the most excited person on the planet to stay in a motel – which is ridiculous on so many levels.. Normally I would be all “EWW a motel”.. But this one:

  1. Has character
  2. Is in a kind of cool area
  3. Has a wicked kidney shaped pool.

I used to hate kidney shaped pools, thinking they were so tacky – but now I am like completely obsessed with them, and their art deco styled glory.

Anyway – So, now we are off to Austin, me and 2 mates. And I am super excited, mainly because it will be the beginning of my vacation, 10 days of blissful summer’ness. But also because I love Austin, and it will be nice to just be. God that sounds sad – apologies.

SOOOO – GET PUMPED FOR Austin City Limits, because I am.


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