This is a public service announcement, shit’s getting serious – so listen now, and listen well.


Australia is flooding – yes the motherland. And look I get it, it’s not America – but it is Australia, my country. So – could you perhaps feign interest. Sometimes even I find it a struggle, I mean, sad to say – I find that major disasters happen every couple of years in Australia – and when I say major, I mean (sergeant, general) MAJOR. Australia’s flooding situation – is boarding on epic.

Now, just so that you may understand how vast this flooding is – the above picture is true to scale (against one another, I mean obvs. Australia isn’t 520px x 450px) – the floods are covering an area of Australia which is the SAME SIZE as both France and Germany. Not France OR Germany – AND… AND!!!

That is fucking enormous. I mean this flooding DISASTER – is going to rival that which was Hurricane Katrina. Now, maybe that is crass to say – but it’s the truth. So people that read my blog – all of which are likely friends – and mostly Australian friends, so have probably given some money – do you bit, don’t be an arsehole – and donate.

As people of the globe – which I will one day rule, I command you.


I am Australian // the Seekers
Kind of cheesy – but it’s the almost Australian Anthem – and the only version I could really find. Listen to it, revel in all that is Australian


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