Astro Arron disco disco disco – it’s synonymous.


ASTRO-AARONSomething happened at the start of this year – and I guess it happens every start of the year – but the reflections are running rife. From me – from all you internet’ers out there. It’s doing a few things:

  1. Getting me thinking in lists, reflection type lists. How cool (…not).
  2. Getting all you guys professing life meanings on Facebook, which none of us care about. Be the better person, eat less bread, run at least 3 times a week – just don’t tell me about it. Dickhead.
  3. Makes me think on this totally deep babysitters club level, which I hate. I’m not deep, I’m pretty surface level > new year, stop it.

We all have that someone you think of when you listen to songs like Shapes. Not meaning to get to heavy on you on a Thursday – but we all have a very special person that completely broke us. It’s not a question – it’s a fact.

My view on this is – it’s OK to be broken, when it sounds this disco. Roll on Astro Arron and remind me of the arseholes who I still think about when the other side of the bed is cold. Although you are making me a bit sad – my shoulders are shimmying, and not with the tears variety.

Confession is, I don’t think I could have said that for a good part of 2012.



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