ASK TORGNY: I’m poor, how do I keep things interesting?


I know you have all met Torgny before, but we are intro’ing him again. Hi Torgny ! A former hardcore sensation who turned his interest and talents to that of a more electronic persuasion – we love you.

Here are a couple facts you should know:

  1. Most of his recent album art looks like abstract vaginas. This is about as exciting as Beyonce’s secret album, in artwork terms.
  2. His tracks are melodic and gloomy yet energised and entirely restless – if you were to soundtrack my 2014, this is exactly how I would want it to sound.
  3. His press photos show the right amount of T&A to keep us interested, all the while leaving us wanting more.
  4. He is from Oslo. Scandinavia is where all the good folk are from, this a long established fact.

Because of all these warm and fuzzy we feel about old mate, we decided to get him to answer an Ask Lucy !

Take it away Torgny.


Dear Torgny,

I’m super poor right now and this is really killing my social life.

The problem is my friends are always suggesting things that cost money – and I simply can afford it, but am super bored staying home all the time.

Got any suggestions on how I keep things interesting on a baby budget?




You have to take the bull by the horns. It is actually possible to organise big dinners (10 ppl) on a very tight budget. Be smart about the ingredients. Make one big dish or ten smaller ones. Vegetarian. Be very careful about ingredients. Make it super delicious with fresh herbs etc. Everything high quality.

As for alcohol? And here comes the whole point. The concept is that the guest bring the alcohol (2-3 bottles of wine per person at least, its gonna be a party right?) so you don’t have to worry about that cost.

Make killer playlists that will totally surprise your friends, one for dinner and one for the dance floor, and one for the really late hours (5-7 am).

U will get a lot of credit for throwing a dinner party, everyone remembers home parties better than another night out on the local bar you all usually meet up in.

And make sure the whole thing turns into an orgy in the morning. An orgy is totally free, no cost! I guess this will «keep things interesting» as you say.




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