ASK LUCY: Winter boyfriends – can I has one?


Hi Lucy

The winter is coming, which I realise is no surprise. I think I need one of these “part-time boyfriends”. It makes all the sense.

Hilfe mich, bitte?


Anon (ok, it’s Bron)

The great lady herself! Bron – hey mate.

I feel like I may have exhausted our options of how to obtain the illusive part time boyfriend. I am starting to realise these are unicorns for a few reasons:

  1. Femmes like the idea of the part time boyfriend, but really the part time aspect of this scenario is just a bridging point to a full blown boyfriend.
  2. Dudes don’t want full time girlfriends, mostly. So the bridging period gets stuck, and never bridges to much.
  3. At about the 3 month mark there’s an annoying conversation about how one person wants more than the other person does, so you call it quits – but really everyone still sort of likes each other.

Winter boyfriends – these are my new thing. I mean – they can still exist in summer it’s not like they are going to expire. But you for sure need one with the cooler months coming. Mostly because nothing screams winter, like a Sunday under a doona/ duvet talking nonsense and drinking coffee with someone you sometimes want to lock lips with. EEK! Gives me the warm and fuzzies just thinking about it.

The thing is Bron  – you’re a cool femme. You:

  1. Listen to cool music that almost all Berlin’ers can get around.
  2. Know what’s going on week in/ week out – so are a good time girl.
  3. Wear your hair in a high pony tail sometimes, which allows for two things: 1. the whipping of hair back and forth / 2. the appearance of being from those deliciously Scandinavian regions.
  4. Have a couple rad pairs of Nike Free’s – which I am jealous of. They (again) also make you look particularly Scandinavian. I’m sorry, but who doesn’t want to date a Scandinavian looking person with an Australian accent.
  5. Speak enough German (unlike myself) to get by – which is cute because accents and commendable because who even really speaks German in Berlin..?

It’s a travesty that you are feeling the pinch with winter coming and not a dude in sight. On that note – I’m starting something. Bron, welcome to my very first Lucy VERIFIED. I feel like there must be some noteworthy Berlin’er bachelors out there that read my blog…. SO! One week of every month I will be introducing one of my eligible femmes to the Internet; the week they are intro’ed you will find us at bar of our choice, from 8-10P.

Are you free this Friday? Come meet Bron (and me) at that bar opposite Spaeti International on Weserstraße (Holz-Kohlen)… It has a white circle light up sign out the front… I have no idea what it’s called, but It’s called Holz-Kohlen and it’s opposite Weserstr. 190, Berlin 12045.

Even if you don’t want to date our mate Bron – come for a drink, we can label it an after work drink…. A “meet up”! God only knows Berlin loves their meet ups. See you Friday.

Love Lucy.


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